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We are a family!

Josh, Kristen, Everett, and Ava. We live on our 10-acre farm in southern Oregon's Applegate Valley. Together, we manage our organic vegetable farm along with a mighty team of employees and apprentices. We grow over fifty varieties of herbs, grains, vegetables, and fruit on four sites around the Applegate Valley. We sell our vegetables during the year round at three farmers’ markets, our CSA programs, and area retailers in the Rogue Valley. We also distribute produce to local restaurants, caterers and special events. You can find our bags of winter carrots during December through March at several stores around the Rogue Valley including Ashland Food Coop, Cartwrights, Food for Less, Medford Food Coop, Shop N Kart, and Sunshine Foods. 


Our CSA Programs:

From December through February, we run a Winter Community Supported Agriculture program. We distribute large boxes of vegetables every two weeks to 100+ families in Ashland, Talent, Medford, Grants Pass, Applegate, and Williams. These boxes include a delicious mix of vegetables including storage crops, root crops, greens, brassicas and dry grains like popcorn, flour corn and beans.

Our Background:

We became interested in farming after college as we built gardens in the mountains of Santa Cruz. Our love for growing vegetables grew from the gardening level to the farming level over several years of experimentation and internships. As we gardened in the hills of Santa Cruz, we dreamed of owning our own farm, but never imagined back then that we would become commercial market farmers.

We moved to southern Oregon in 2005. We bought our farm in 2006 and started farming in 2007. We joined the Siskiyou Co-op our first season and grew vegetables for their CSA. Our second year, Josh quit his landscaping business and began farming full-time. In 2008, we made our debut at farmer’s markets in Southern Oregon.

Before Josh became a farmer, he worked for ten years as a restoration ecologist in the dunes and sand hills of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. 

​Our Community:

We enjoy being active members of the Applegate and Rogue Valley communities, and stay involved and engaged in the local food movement. Josh manages two of our farmers’ markets, so he stays in touch with the community of shoppers on a regular basis. We feel that the people who support our farm and the relationships we make through our CSA and farmers’ markets are an integral part of the reason we keep farming every day. We would not be a farm without our amazing and supportive community!

Our Dreams:

We are always dreaming. In 2021 we hope to go completely solar and produce all of our home farm's electrical needs from the sun!


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