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Barking Moon Farm offers one of the few Winter CSA Programs in Southern Oregon.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a practice of farming that focuses on high quality food production using organic methods. Our Community Supported Agriculture program aims to promote locally-grown food and build relationships between the farmer and neighbor. We are committed to organic farming and whole farm sustainability. We believe the CSA model is a perfect way to achieve these goals.

The boxes include a variety of winter vegetables including tender greens (salad mix, mustard greens, mache), coarse greens (mixed kales), green cabbage, alliums, rutabaga, napa cabbage, sweet winter carrots, turnips, beets, radishes, and other seasonally available items. We think the boxes are a nice supplment for two people. 



$380, or approximately $63/box.



Ashland North

Ashland South

On-Farm (5960 Thompson Creek Road, Applegate)




How It Works

Members buy shares or “subscribe” to the farm at the beginning of the winter season and receive a bi-weekly box of produce from December through February. Every two weeks (six  splendidly awesome deliveries of produce total), your box of organic produce will be delivered to a convenient pick-up point. Farm updates and delicious recipes are provided with each box of produce!

New to CSA?

Here are a few reason's why  someone would join our Winter CSA Program:

  • DELICIOUSNESS IN THE OFF-SEASON - You  receive  fresh,  organic  vegetables  during   the  winter  season  when  there  isn't  an  abundance  of  local,  seasonal  produce  available in grocery stores.

  • CREATE COMMUNITY - Working together, we create a strong and personal connection—the foodstuffs we grow make it to your table, while your help strengthen our local food community and economy.

  • "INVEST" IN OUR FARM -​​ ​​​Your financial commitment to our farm during the winter season farming season is critical to helping us fund seed purchases, employees, supplies, equipment, cultivation, and planting for the winter and for the following spring.

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